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Children’s Ministry

Provides Christian education, holiday activities, a structured environment, safe surroundings, and special events for the children of members and visitors.

Communications Ministry

Responsible for public relations, visitor registration, and new members sign-up.

Helps Ministry

Maintains the inside of the church building, as well as the surrounding grounds to insure a safe, clean, and pleasant atmosphere in which to worship.

Home Fellowship Ministry

Organizes neighborhood home fellowship groups in an effort to win lost souls to Christ.  This group gives non-members, who are unable to attend church, the opportunity to receive the Word of God.  Fellowship is accomplished through bible studies, soulwinning, and other Christian activities.

Hospital Ministry

Shares the Word of God with all hospitalized members and their immediate families.  Visits to the sick and shut-in are also handled by this department.

Interaction Ministry

Maintains contact with all members of Faith Tabernacle on a regular basis.   The Interaction department makes personal telephone calls to inquire about a member’s need for prayer, to encourage them in their walk with God, and to find out if all is well.  Through this contact, the church can determine whether a member or their family has specific needs which must be met.

Marriage Maintenance Ministry

Provides information and support to assist with maintaining the God kind of marriage.

Music Ministry

Includes the Instruments of Praise, Mass Choir, Teen Ministry Choir, and Special Music Groups. The Music Ministry is responsible for providing all musical selections during services and special events. Its purpose is to prepare the atmosphere for the teaching of the Word of God.

Ministry of Resources

Assists tithing members of Faith Tabernacle who are in need of shelter, food, clothing, and other necessities of life.

New Members Ministry

Assists new members by providing information about church policies and procedures. Organizes new members’ classes. Give information to new members about the various ministries in which they can become spiritually employed.

Nursing Ministry

Shares the Word of God within local area nursing homes, and provides special activities for elderly patients.

Parking Lot Ministry

Ensures the steady flow of traffic entering and exiting Faith Tabernacle grounds, as well as the safety of vehicles during the services.

Pastor’s Aides

Attend to the comfort of the Senior Pastor, Associate Ministers, and guests. Duties include catering, receptions, banquets, card and flower expressions of celebration, sympathy, and bereavement.

Pastor’s Personal Aides (PPA’s)

Women anointed and appointed by God to personally assist Pastor Ivy Wheeler in fulfilling the vision God has given her. These PPA’s operate in the Ministry of Helps area.

Performing Arts Ministry

Illustrates the Word of God through dance, drama, and other fine arts. Gives special performances during holiday and other festive celebrations.

Prison Ministry

Visit area prisons to conduct church services where inmates are given the special opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Singles Ministry

Teach singles how to live a victorious and fulfilling life through Jesus Christ. Through bible studies and fellowships, singles learn to live a life that is pleasing to Christ. They learn how to be complete in Him while unmarried, so that they will remain complete in Him when married. This is not a match-making ministry, but an opportunity to glorify God and serve Him in spirit, soul, and body.

Soul winning Ministry

Winning souls for Christ is the mission of this ministry. Soul winners are trained through the Word of God to become “fishers of men.” The activities of this group include traveling door-to-door, handing out tracts on busy streets, hosting special seminars and neighborhood events, and meeting the physical needs of those to whom they minister. This is a training ground for anyone who will accept the Great Commission to bring lost souls into the kingdom of God.

Substance Abuse Ministry

Provides group sessions to substance abusers and their families to educate, minister, fellowship and support those who desire to be free of the bondage of addiction.

Technical Engineering Staff

Handles the operation and maintenance of video and audio equipment. Available to assists at outreach and special functions.

Television Ministry

Working in conjunction with the Technical Engineering staff, this ministry produces, directs, records, and edits each service for broadcast.

Transportation Ministry

Designed to meet the needs of the membership by providing transportation for those who would not otherwise be able to attend church services. Also, responsible for transporting various groups and ministries by providing drivers, maintaining vehicles and assisting in long distance travel needs as required.

Usher Board Ministry

Greets incoming members and visitors to Faith Tabernacle , and directs foot traffic in and around the sanctuary. Responsible for directing the collection of tithes and offerings during service, handles the serving of communion, and available to assist in outreach functions and events.

Wedding Ministry

Provides wedding assistance to members who have completed mandatory counseling as required by the church.

Helping Hand Food Ministry

Distributes food boxes monthly to those less fortunate.


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